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Please Note
Since Vivek Audi is undergoing major maintenance, the venue has been changed to Tag Audi, a new Audi adjacent to Central Workshop. Here is a link to Map of the university. Tag Audi is C19 in the map.

Are you an alumnus of CEG waiting to return to your alma mater, cherish fond memories the place holds, relive defining moments from the past that shaped you into who you are today? Do you yearn for a chance to meet fellow mates whom you last saw during your graduation? Do you wish to show your kids your alma mater and share with them great stories about your days at CEG?

Are you a student of CEG wishing for a chance to meet illustrious alumni of our college – people, who are not only the best in what they do right now but also started it all from where you are right now? Are you looking for an opportunity to interact with alumni across various fields, who can provide an insight into life after CEG?

Look no further. CEGAM is just round the corner to bring you all of that and more. January 4th 2015 is the day, CEG will witness the confluence of students and alumni across various domains, coming together for a day of fun filled interaction among alumni and with students. Mark your calendars and watch this space for more updates.

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